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Handmade is a decision to live consciously. It's the idea and the execution, the maker, the product, it's a way of life. A passion of mine is working with recycled materials and ready mades.  


I was raised in Eastern Germany where I learned to be very creative. Ever since I was a child I have found it hard to throw things away. I suppose that hoarding is a part of who I am. "It may come in handy one day", is a philosophy that I have lived by. As an adult,,, nothing has changed no, it became a passion of mine. One's sense of style is developed at a young age, people tend to forget that. I was always obsessed with colours, fabrics, materials, collecting and creating something beautiful. I designed my first piece at the age of 10, pink trousers, made from a bed linen

:: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle :: Triple R, those 3 R's have been making their way into the fashion world for a long time.


The Name :: 0815victim :: was established in 2001. The line originated as a form of protest against military violence. During the 2003 U.S invasion on Iraq, I focused primarily on redesigning US military fatigues. By stitching flowers onto worn army jackets, I used the line to elicited social commentary and to express my views on war. Victims. The 0815 in the name represents a rifle that was used in abundance in the first world war. It was so mass produced that 0815 became German slang for anything standard and generic. "nullachtfuffzehn" is a term that has been used for almost 100 years since. So...the name 0815victim was born. Ok, lets put it this way, if you like my creations, you people will be my standard victim ;> 

Look what I found. I'm selling beautiful vintage and second hand clothing as well, handpicked by myself. Please visit & click the link down below, What comes around goes around! Thank you for visiting my website.